Artkive - Save Kids' Art App Reviews

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Fantastic update!

Long time user and am loving this update. Thank you for the bulk uploading feature. Love artkive!

From a great app to a piece of junk...

This app was great until the last update - now it causes stress and works terribly. Really disappointed.

Top notch customer service

Ive contacted customer service twice and both times received a response very quickly. They do not give up and until the issue has been resolved. Thanks!!!!

Keeps crashing!!

Like the app, but since the update it keeps crashing! I cant even log in. Please fix!!!!!

A Moms Best Friend

I love this app. Each day I can capture my childs homework & art and send it to her grandparents that live out of state. They love being able to see her progress. Wonderful that I can purchase her art work as a nice book as well.

Update is a pain

I understand what they were trying to do with the update but most of the features arent easy. I just want to snap a pic and save because I have 4 kids harassing me at the same time. The crop dots that you need to drag are always under other buttons so you keep clicking other options and it takes forever to crop. I started using this last year and it constantly defaults to last years grades and ages. Maybe I can change this in preferences or something but it is not intuitive and when I change the grade with the swipe arrows it erases the kid that I selected. Its just a pain now.

Such a smart app

Love this app. I am recording all three of my kids progress in art without all the clutter of endless preschool projects. I can make books of their art and give them as gifts and its so fun to flip through and see their creativity. This is a huge hit in our preschool and Im sure it would be amazing in other use cases as well... Professional artists and portfolios, etc.

NO FPO AP address (for military)

Heard about this app on and immediately searched for it. I saw the price and still didnt care because its an awesome idea! I go to enter my billing and shipping address and........ There isnt an option for FPO AP (military). Why the exclusion!? None of my credit cards have an stateside address since I live in a military base overseas. Can this be fixed? I dont want to think, Ive wasted the money on an app that I wont use until I move back to the states.

Great keepsake app- few suggestions

This has been a great way to organize artwork my children create. With the new update I miss the ability to crop/edit photos once they are uploaded. I would also love it if iPhone 6 cases were available to order as it seems to end at 5.


I love using this app! With 3 kiddos bringing home all kinds of papers/art from school its a great way to "keep" everything! The latest update is much quicker with uploading then in the past. This makes me happy since time is always short in our house.

Excellent App/Customer Service

The app is easy to use and I loved the books Ive had printed out so far. What I love even is when I had an issue with my account and they answered my email almost right away-on a Saturday! They walked me through some troubleshooting, we figured out the problem and got it fixed. This app is a winner I highly recommend!

Whats the issue

The app was working fine after uploading about 18 pics all of sudden it wont come on anymore or save art when it did come on. Hopefully this glitch will get fixed. Other than that Artkive works wonderfully when it does.

Great update

This app solves a problem with kid clutter that I truly appreciate. I.e it relives my guilt when I toss my daughters latest masterpiece. I have been using the app since the beginning and the new update is great!


The previous version was more user friendly and better organized

Pretty good, but w changes would be better

I just bought this app, so I dont know how any of the printed products would turn out yet, but my first impressions are: Relatively easy to use and import art from my camera roll, easy to label by child. I like seeing all of her art in a gallery view together. Changes Id make: 1. I partially bought the app because I thought the caption box allowed me to add more than a title. My daughter has a very active imagination, and I love the stories behind her art and dont want to forget them. Unfortunately, theres no field I can find that allows me to write comments about the work, and the title box only allows for a very limited number of characters. Im not sure I would have paid the $5 for the app if Id known that. 2. I wish that when importing photos of art Ive already taken into the app that it would import them with the date already attached. Right now your only options are to import the photos individually and edit the date for each one as you go, or import a bunch at once and go back and change the dates (which then for each one I have to go back and check my camera roll). Not an issue if you only photograph the art through this app, but a real pain if you have a lot of stuff back logged. Its a cool idea, and I hope theyll implement those changes at some point so I can give it more stars!

definitely worth the money

i usually don’t pay for apps but this is a great idea. love that I can store all of my kids art, and they don;t charge me for storage at all. love that i can pull up art by only one of my kids at a time.

Love this app!

This is an amazing app...So glad I just saw this on Good Morning America. Might be my new favorite app!

Love this app!!

With 5 year old twins, the amount of artwork Im dealing with could be a full-time job! So excited you can now upload multiple images to the app at once, and edit images in the app. The books I ordered last year really surpassed my expectations and I look forward to trying some of the new products available. Thanks for the great service!

Needs another update

I just received our first Artkive book. Thought the cost is outrageous but the ease of use of the app makes it worth it to me. However, to receive a book with a paper sleeve cover that is going to be tossed around by my children admiring their works of art was so disappointing. I want this book to last a lifetime. I certainly will not be purchasing this same book again to get a new paper cover. I will use Shutterfly as I always have for other scrapbooks in the past if you can not figure out how to print on a hard cover. In addition I think its sad that there are no more options for layouts or multiple photos on pages. I get it that you are trying to make a profit and want to maximize the number of pages, but I would have loved to include a few pics of my children actually working on these pieces of artwork (their teachers upload photos daily).

great way to de clutter

You know how kids artwork piles up, we think this simple but elegant app is a pretty good solution for archiving and sharing with the extended fam!

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