Artkive - Save Kids' Art App Reviews

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Would review if I could get it to work

The app wont even let me create an account to login. I keep getting "bad gateway" messages. Had high hopes! So far... obviously not impressed.

Potential is there...

Im sure this app will be great, unfortunately it is pretty glitchy right now. I was able to photograph and upload my kids artwork. One picture got stuck in "pending upload" and I couldnt delete it. Sometimes there were no grades for me to select from. One of my kids pictures was labeled correctly, but showed up on a different kids page. Labeling was a little funny. I didnt want to include a specific date, since I dont know exactly when it was created. I opted to remove the date and it now says it was created in 1980. I would really like to be able to crop the photos in the program. It does let you rotate the pic, but only before uploading. I missed rotating one and I had to delete and upload again to correct. Sharing consists of sending an email which has a link to the photo on their website. You then have the option of downloading the image. Keep working on it guys. It could be great.


Would be great if it was for iPad and if it would allow to play as slide show. Already organized all summer art work. So long messy counters!

Great idea!

Recently downloaded this app and its been good so far. Havent had any issues or encountered any glitches but I have tons more stuff to archive so well see. I think its a great way to keep all the artistic memories without the clutter.

Needs work, disappointed.

I cant even log in. After creating an account and completing all the settings, it hung on the first image. I had to forcibly close the program and now it just hangs when I try to log in. Please improve this. This is the type of thing that we need in this household.

Feature request

Love the concept! Havent played with it enough to find any bugs. Seems to work fine. I have a request though. We are in Canada and have two years of kindergarten, junior and senior. It would be great to have those options. My youngest is in junior kindergarten and I had to pick pre-kindergarten to tag her art.

Need more options

Find this to be any easy to use app but I would add more to it. In the add photo option I would add an option to get photos already in an album as you can only use pictures in the camera roll, good thing I kept the old pictures still so I could take a new photo. In the edit option once you have archived a photo there needs to be an option to rotate the picture in case you miss rotating it when you first archive it. Then it would be great if you could turn all the picture in a photo album as the only option right now Is to share or print the picture you already have the original art work for. Maybe a link to shutterfly could be an option. Great idea as I was just taking photos of my kids art.

Great idea!

I think that this is a great app. I cant wait until they roll out the function to create photo books. There is just one bug that I noticed with the latest update and that if you choose Month & Year after you save your work it defaults back to Date. You have to go back and edit the picture to fix it. Also as a another commenter said in Canada we have Jr. And Sr. Kindergarten, and not Pre-kindergarten. So to have that option added would be great. Thank you!

Crashs iOS8.4/8.4.1

Doesnt work for me any longer - iOS crashes on starting artkive, i.e. apple bootlogo appears, celly for ca. 1min without function.

Great app!

I LOVE the idea of being able to take pics of my kids artwork on my phone and then being able to print out a book. What a great idea! I have a problem with it freezing on me. I am worried that if I delete and reload it I will lose all the pictures I have already uploaded. Please help!


The idea of the app is a pretty good one and I wished it worked. But Ive had it only for about a week and so far its been pretty glitchy. It kicks me out every time I try to use the camera so its a little useless. I want to download it again and see if its better but Ive already inputed artwork in there from my phones photo stream and dont want to have to redo it all. Please fix this glitch- I would love to be able to use this app.

Getting Better and Better

This App has come a long way. I am thoroughly enjoying being able to share our kids projects with our family. Keep up the good work!

Great tool; needs enhancements

Love the ease and simplicity. Needs more options when designing the printed book (different designs) and more app-esque look-and-feel (more intuitive) would help round out the app.

Great App so far!!

Love the concept and love the idea of being able to share them with family members and friends! I just want to throw in my 2 cents here with a few suggestions: -the ability to crop pictures -sending multiple images -the ability to create folders to keep organized for creating an album at a later date -storing the pics in chronological order -editing the names of people you share images with (this is just for me...when I first started I accidentally added my in laws twice and cant remove them) I hope you take these ideas into consideration because its a really neat app!!


No more guilt about throwing out art projects! Because as we all know they do pile up! Love this app

Love the app- unfortunately unusable at the moment:-(

Love this app and used it for a while. It worked great. Now the app is crashing every time I select to add a photo! Sometimes when I select to add it and sometimes when I snap a shot. At that moment app closes and I need to log on all over again only to be kicked out again. Although the snap shot noise had been made, the photo was not actually taken. So basically, can not use it:-(. Please fix it. It used to work great.

Expensive books!

I love this app! It helps keep my kids art organized and I love feeling that its ok to recycle some things because I have the image stored. However I just checked out the prices of the books and they are so expensive! I wish you could put more than one image on a page. And also that I received sales/promotions to encourage me to order some books. Otherwise, its great!

Shipping costs more than the book

I was enjoying this app until I went to order a book. My book was $26, and the shipping was $26.30. That would have cost me almost $55 for 20 pictures print. Riiiiippppp off!!!!!

Great App

Been using this a couple of years now, love looking back at old kid art that has long since hit the trash. Cant speak to pricing on books, only using it to store and share. Love that its easier to upload and tag photos now.

Great Concept

Needs higher resolution!! It would be great if we could enter our childs birthdate so the app automatically generates the age of the child for each picture as they grow. Also, why such terrible low resolution of the images in-app? And no full screen on iPhone for the pics? Still a great concept and I will continue to use it. Hope for regular updates.

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