Artkive - Save Kids' Art App Reviews

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Love it!

This was recommended to me by many people and Im very impressed with it. Its also easy to use and you can create custom products. This is a must-have if you have kids!

A parental must-have

I cant begin to explain how great this is! All those boxes of art work, certificates, and school awards? All on this app! Except for the dearest pieces, all clutter is gone. Easy to use, smart design, a joy to share.

Not working since update

Worked great before but I cant open the app anymore since the update. Please fix.

Easy and so much help keeping memories

Love the fact I can enjoy my childs art instead of having to file it in keepsakes folder

Not excited

Costs money and privacy to use app after purchasing it. Didnt get anything free.

Best Site for saving Kids art

I love this site! I photographed all my childrens art and then at the end of the school year I make a book for each of them its such a wonderful way to collect and store all their beautiful artwork as a keepsake this is truly one of the best sites there is

One of my favs.

This is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. Truly a MUST for any parent who likes to keep art their kids bring home.

Best app for saving things

I use this app for all of my kids artwork, but recently starting using it for mine, too! My mother is moving out of her house and tasked me with clearing out my childhood bedroom. She saved EVERYTHING. Artkive to the rescue! The latest version is great.

Love the app, love the books!

Love this app. 2 kids = drowning in art. Heard about it from a friend and so glad I did! Organized boxes of art into 2 books so far. Kids loved seeing their work turned into books! Will be using it as art comes home from school this year to stay ahead of the clutter.

Sign Up Required to use app

I rated this 1* because a pet peeve is the opening screen makes clear that Sign Up is Required to use app. I didnt sign up. Please make such conditions clear before purchase.

Best app ever

Amazing app. I never write reviews but this app was well worth the $5. My kids love seeing their hard work preserved and I love tossing the paper away. Ive recommended to so many friends. Thanks for a great product!!

LOVE!! In need of a few changes.

I absolutely love the concept of this app and have been using it for the last few years! It is a great way to organize childrens artwork, especially when you have more than one kid!! It also is moms guilt-free way to throw out all of those papers everywhere!!! There are a few changes I would recommend: 1. There is always a delay in between taking a photo in the app and it loading. This is fine, but the time in between switches back to the camera. So, I never really know if the picture took or not. 2. I wish that I could set the four points of the paper, and crop accordingly instead of in a perfect rectangle. Often, the photos I take as at just slight enough angle that I have to crop out a corner in order to crop the picture correctly. 3. I would love to be able to use the apps filters, but be able to choose my own strength of those filters. 4. When making brightness/contrast/saturation adjustments I would like there to be a reset button to bring the photo back to its original format. 5. I would love the ability to click on the photo and have it show the original, so that when I release, I can see the difference my adjustments/filters made.

Love it!

Makes it so much easier to store all those lovely drawings and not have all the clutter!

Thank you

Thank you for making this app. Its so useful for a mom with ADHD like myself who struggles with organizing. I now can take pics of my daughters school work and artwork that I want to save and help with my paper clutter. The app is so easy to use and Im looking forward to keep using in the years to come.

Crashes on opening

App crashes as soon as I open it. So sad. Can I get the old version back????

Great customer service

This is one of my favorite apps. Thank you for taking care of the crashing issue so quickly! This version works great.

Not compatible with iPhone 7

Used to love this app, but not updated and cannot use any buttons on it now that I have iPhone 7.

Absolutely love the app!

This is exactly what I was looking for when it comes to storing art that I cant keep in the house forever but also dont want to lose! Love this! So simple to use!

Love this app!

What a great way to keep my daughters art without having it clutter our home!

A must for parents!

Such a fantastic app to have as a parent who is sentimental, but cant keep everything! I use it to document art and little handmade gifts my daughters and nieces/nephews make for me. I cant wait to make a book out of these photos one day! Its definitely one of my must-have parenting apps.

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